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Multiple Programs Available--ALL ARE WELCOME!

Whether you've been playing hockey your whole life, or are looking to start, the MCAHA welcomes all players in Billings and the surrounding areas.

*Fall League: 10 Games played September-October.

*Greenhorn: Adult learn-to-play sessions (October-December, and January-March).

*Winter League: 20 Games (plus playoffs) played between November-April.




Click here to see the playing guide and registration links.

GREENHORN Registration now open!

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Provide contact info and connect with players in the league


Planned Dates:

-August 17th @5:45pm

-August 24th @5:45pm

-September 21st @ 7:00pm

-October 9th @ 7:00pm

We will again utilize the adult drop in ice times that are scheduled by the rink, so you will need to pay the drop in fee to skate ($10) and we will have volunteers there to rate you as part of a regular game (no drills). 

Note--if you already have an MCAHA rating, you do not need to attend and will not be re-rated if you show up to play.

Winter League Captains feel free to come scout if you need players and if you need contact info for any of the people below for recruiting purposes, please send an email to with the players names that you are interested in.


Rate Skate 3 (Sept 22th) Results:

Skater A-- Nicholas Scott --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater B-- Keith Gustin --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater C-- Damian Ortiz --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater D-- Madalyn Montgomery --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater E-- Kainum Fox-Weed --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater F-- Murray Brumwell --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater G-- Scott Sutton --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater H-- David Charpentier --MCAHA Rating: A

Skater I-- Morris Crookedneck --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater K-- Henry Charpentier --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater L-- Jaden Williams --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater M-- Olivia Kittelmann --MCAHA Rating: D


Rate Skate 2(Aug 24th) Results:

Skater A-- Marcus Barton --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater B-- Nick Steen --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater C--Brady Kittelmann --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater D-- Ian Liab --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater E-- Dustin Hergenrider --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater F-- Emily Reimche --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater G-- Dawson Auck --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater H-- Tel Dedmore --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater I-- Mackenzie Jackson --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater J-- Ericka Burke --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater K-- Eli Nickisch --MCAHA Rating: B

Skater L-- Jason Hahn --MCAHA Rating: D

Goalie 1--Molly Barlow --MCAHA Rating: D

Goalie 2--Riley Anderson --MCAHA Rating: C


Rate Skate 1 (Aug 17th) Results:

Skater A- Donovan Porter --MCAHA Rating: A

Skater B- Harrison Porter --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater C- Anthony Palmer --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater D- Skyler Stephens --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater E- Chancey Watson --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater F- Kailey Green --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater G- Chris Belbeck --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater H- Justiss Kelly --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater I- Kurt Lowartz --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater J- Decker Trahan --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater K- John Counter --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater L- Paul Miller --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater M- Matt Kessler --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater N- Bryan Mann --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater O- Erik Thomas --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater P- Jeff Hagan --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater Q- Bryce Burke --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater R- Kevin Hunter --MCAHA Rating: C

Skater S- Bo Gwin --MCAHA Rating: D

Skater T- Jensen Weatherford --MCAHA Rating: A

Goalie 1- Konnor Anderson --MCAHA Rating: D




GOALIES and REFEREES are always in high demand:

Goalies are incentivized by reduced league fees! If interested in goalie opportunities,  please reach out to

Referees are paid $50-$70 per game (depending on division). If interested in referee opportunities please reach out to 


We have a Facebook Group Page!

Search for "Magic City Adult Hockey"

(We removed the address from here as we were getting spam-bot accounts trying to join.)



NEW RINK UPDATE--July 11, 2023

Last night, the Billings City Council voted to include the parks, trails, and recreation bond (which includes two new sheets of ice) on the ballot this fall. This is fantastic news for our ice community and in our opinion, the entire Billings community. It has been a long road to get here, and the battle isn’t over yet. For this recreational facility to become a reality, voters will need to approve the bond on November 7th, 2023.

We will need ALL of you to educate and advocate for this in our community!

Thank you to all of those that have played a role in getting us to this point. Many individuals have spent countless hours behind the scenes to advocate and ensure that ice is a part of this package, and we are so grateful to those people and their dedication to us!

Now let’s go get some NEW ICE!


MCAHA Mission

The MCAHA strives to provide patrons with the opportunity to play ice hockey in a competitive, but recreational, organized league environment that is founded on the emphasized principles of fair play, sportsmanship, camaraderie and safety.

Important MCAHA Documents

This section contains information that is used for the whole association regardless of league.  For info specific to a particular league (season playing guides, team rosters, etc) please see the home tab under the league itself.

Photos from around the MCAHA


Rec Division--Mid Ice Crisis

Advanced Division--406 Kitchen

Elite Division--Ox Axe Throwing